What Are Your Visa Options?

Due to the complexity of Australia’s migration laws, we recommend that all prospective migrants register for our pre-assessment visa service. For a set fee, we shall identify your visa/migration options and the likelihood of success before you invest considerable time, energy and money into preparing and lodging a visa application with the Australian Immigration authorities.

Our Pre-assessment Visa Service is designed to consider:

  • your intended purpose of stay in Australia;
  • your circumstances that are relevant to visa criteria including an offer of employment, your education and work history, business ownership, entrepreneurial talents, capital for investment, Australian family/relatives;
  • whether an Australian employer will meet sponsorship/nomination criteria (including commitment to training, labour market testing and annual market salary rate/s);
  • whether your overseas educational qualifications and/or employment experience are likely to meet skill level requirements of the relevant assessing authority  / licensing body / Australian New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO);
  • which occupation to nominate for General Skills Migration (GSM) purposes to facilitate positive skills assessment, State/Government nomination and maximum points for employment experience on the GSM points test;
  • whether your history of business ownership /investment or entrepreneurial talents can meet the criteria of a visa within the Business Innovation and Investment program;
  • whether you are likely to meet State/Territory Government nomination criteria for the sponsored General Skills Migration / Business Innovation and Investment program;
  • whether your current English language proficiency level is sufficient to meet English language requirements;
  • explain the risks associated with Australia’s SkillSelect model, ranking of online Expression of Interest applications (EOI) and processing priorities;
  • offer our professional opinion of whether it is worthwhile to proceed with preparation of a visa application.

If a realistic visa option is identified, we shall make an offer to prepare your entire visa application for submission to the Australian Immigration authorities. In accordance with the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents, we will advise you not to proceed with an application if the prospect of success is limited.

Should you wish to determine the likelihood of success of your visa application, please register for our Pre-assessment Visa Service by completing our Online Visa Enquiry Form below:

Online Visa Enquiry Form

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