Bachelor degree


Undergraduate is a term used to describe a course leading to a Diploma or Bachelor degree. The highest undergraduate award is a Bachelor degree. A Bachelor degree course normally requires 3 or 4 years of full time study.

Upon successful completion of a Bachelor degree program, you may be eligible to apply for postgraduate level study.


Undergraduate courses require the overseas equivalent of Australian high school matriculation. Some courses may also require students to have completed pre-requisite subjects. Some of our partner institutions recognise an apprenticeship plus work experience in place of formal education.


Study Abroad


If you are currently enrolled at an overseas university, you may be eligible to enrol at an Australian university for one or two semesters under a Study Abroad program. Students are generally required to have completed at least 1 year of full time study at their home university with good results, although some Australian universities will accept enrolments into first year university subjects at undergraduate level from international students holding a secondary school leaving certificate or maturity certificate (or equivalent).


Postgraduate programs


Postgraduate is a term used to describe a course leading to a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters or Doctorate.


Entry to postgraduate courses requires satisfactory completion of a first degree at undergraduate level.


Graduate Certificates extend a student’s knowledge in a specialist area and
involve six months of full-time study.


Graduate Diplomas are more in-depth versions of Graduate Certificates and range from one semester to two years of full-time study. Graduate Diplomas are for students who have already received a Bachelor degree in an approved field, however some programs allow entry to candidates without academic qualifications, but with sufficient relevant work experience.


Masters programs are available by coursework or research. The length of a coursework masters can vary from one to three years full time. Entry to many coursework masters programs requires a bachelor degree with honours, although students may be able to enter after completing an undergraduate pass degree, a master’s qualifying course, or a graduate diploma. Most coursework masters programs consist of a series of specialist courses in a structured class or seminar format. A research component is usually required, but it is shorter than that required in a research masters program.


A Doctorate is a postgraduate research award program usually undertaken over a period of 3 to 4 years. The program includes a research thesis involving at least two-thirds of the work for the degree.

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